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Celebrity Wednesdays – Frank O’Neil Art, Music and Entertainment

Frank O'Neil Entertainment Malta

Those who went to Stella Maris College between the 80s and 00s are more than familiar with the name Frank O’Neil. Many ex students will remember climbing those stairs to reach the art room on the top floor of the school. Many will also remember all the school plays and performances Frank O’Neil produced during his time there.

Frank O’Neil was the art and drama teacher at Stella Maris college in Gzira for several decades. True to his passion for arts, drama and music, he affected the artistic value of thousands of boys during and after his time there. Today, Frank is enjoying his retirement, but is still very active in the world of art and entertainment. His goals, achievements and future ambitions mirror that to those born under the Scorpion star.

Frank O'Neil Entertainment Malta

Over 40 years in art, music, drama and entertainment

Originally from Sliema, Frank now lives in the beautiful setting of Rabat. Frank has been and still is active in music and teaching art and drama to children of all ages. He still entertains people with his live music/vocals and shows for children, something he has been doing for over 40 years. His children’s shows include a unique blend of entertainment including music, art and puppetry. On television you may have come over Frank during some local programs either producing art or singing his songs.

Frank O'Neil - Celebrity Wednesdays #entertainmentmalta

Prior to going solo, Frank played the guitar and sung as a duo together with Tony Camilleri, l-Ghannej, for several years. They had a selection of popular Maltese songs such as ‘Rajt ma Rajtx – Smajt ma Smajtx‘, ‘It-Tieg tan-Neputija‘ and ‘Imhabba f’Kemmuna‘. In the video below Frank O’Neil sings ‘Imhabba f’Kemmuna, accompanied on the piano by Paul Giordimaina on TV show, TVPM.

Nowadays Frank also provides ‘Signature Art’. He does so for companies such as Mc Donald’s International and IMEX in Frankfurt to name a few. He usually provides this kind of signature art during small and large corporate events but has also appeared doing so during the Junior Eurovision.

Frank O'Neil Malta

“To get back to normal life”

Like many entertainers and artists, Frank’s performances are being effected by the Corona Virus since many events and possibilities of performances are being wiped out due to the virus. However, once this passes, Frank says he is ready to get back to normal life. He wants to continue doing what he loves doing with some future plans ahead.

He wishes to record all his songs as a collection on CD. Frank also has a passion for collecting memorabilia, another thing he has been doing for several years. Therefore he wishes to open a small shop for collectors of Prints, Art, Maps, Documents, Vintage advertising and such items.


We asked Frank O’Neil what his biggest achievement was and what he hopes for the future. His biggest achievement, Frank O’Neil says, is, “The satisfaction of having inspired and promoted young talent in music and Art”. He hopes that there will be more local encouragement and boosting for veteran performers and artists alike.

His final word of advice, “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF ..and GO FOR IT!”

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