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Malta’s Got Talent S2 E2

Malta's Got Talent S02 E02

Malta's Got Talent 2022 - S02 E02

Welcome to Entertainment Malta’s breakdown of Malta’s Got Talent 2022. This is the second program of season two, and oh what a show! Just like the first episode this season, the show has so many OMG moments. And of course, let’s not forget another brilliant Golden Buzzer act! It’s no wonder that the show has a great following. Let’s dive straight into last night’s show!

Acts On Malta's Got Talent Episode 2

During this show we get to see a strongman, Rappers amongst other singers, dancers, a reverse speaking act, musicians, and of course the Golden Buzzer act! So from here, it’s on with tonight’s show! But before going on to the acts we get a short recap, showcasing the acts shown in the previous episode. 

Gianni, the show’s host, makes a grand entrance, driving himself into the show! Well sort of!

Gianni's Mini On Malta's Got Talent
The Strongman

Untrained strongman, Tony Farrugia of Maltese displays his strength by bending steel, lifting two gas cylinders on his pinkies and hammers in nails on a piece of wood with his hands, breaking the wood in the process. The WOW moment comes at the end of his act where he invites the judges to go outside to see him pull a semi-truck. He does this with ease! The Judges’ four Yesses allow Tony to pass onto the next stage of the competition.

An Argentinian Singer

Alejandra, 48-year-old mother of two, from Argentina, goes on to sing ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’, unfortunately quite out of tune in English, but much better when she continues the song in Spanish. The judges were not so impressed, all of whom buzzed her to stop! Unfortunately with four No(s) she did not pass through to the next stage. 

The Reverse Speaker

Next on is 32-year-old Chris Reif who goes on to show an unusual talent! Chris is able to speak in reverse and quotes famous celebrity scenes in reverse.  Valentina Rossi challenges him with a random phrase, which he gets spot on! His ‘talent’ impresses the judges who all give him a Yes. 

Reverse Speaking Chris Reif
A Rapper Violinist

Brady Frendo, a 14-year-old Vionalist, has played the violin since he was 2. But it is not just the violin that sets this competitor apart from others. Brady is also a rapper and combines both during his act. However, he does not make it through to the next act as the judges did not feel he was ready for the next stage and receives 4 No(s) from them.  

The Bubbly Singer

Yiwen Yin is a 30-year-old singer from Shangai, China, now living in Malta. Yiwen, with a bubbly character, gives a very energetic performance. The judges each award him with a Yes!

Not Such A Singer

Andrei Dobbin is 17 years old and is a singer. Unfortunately, he does not go too well and the judges all buzz him, stopping him from continuing with his act. They also give him four No(s).

Another Rapper

Next on is ‘Immunity’ (Renzson Mizzi ), an 18 -year-old Rapper. Ironically his personality on stage, while he is rapping, is the complete opposite of the shy personality he showed us when being spoken to. He expresses himself with a totally emotional, semi-aggressive Rap, somewhat reminding us of Eminem’s style. With a little advice from the judges, he manages to Rap his way onto the next stage with four well-deserved Yesses from our beloved judges. 

Rapper on MGT
Dancers In Heels

‘Yada On Heels’ is back this time with two female dancers and a male dance, Rosario. In the last season, Yada On Heels, made up of three made dancers, could not go on due to one of the dancers being restricted by Covid. This year they get on to the next round with three Yesses and one No from judge Valentina Rossi. 

A Singer

Gabrielle Spaniolo a  23-Year-Old singer from Italy is on next with an interpretation of ‘Always’ by Bon Jovi. Judge Ray Attard is not convinced by the performance and is the first to give a red buzzer, followed by Valentina Rossi and then Sarah Zerafa. Unfortunately, he does not pass with four No(s) from the judges.

The Musician - Season's Second Golden Buzzer Moment

The show continues with 16-year-old Bettina Farrugia, a musician, and composer who plays four instruments. Tonight she plays her own composition on the piano, originally written for a short film. Her emotions are transmitted through her brilliant music and her performance is awarded a Golden Buzzer from Judge Gordon passing her straight through to the Semi-Finals!

A Energetic Dance Group

Last on stage is UP (which stands for United Performers), which together as a team is a dance group. The choreographer is  27-year-old Luke. Their energetic routine, a dance that was prepared in just two weeks, earns them four Yesses from the judges. 

What Do We Think Of Tonight's Show?

Once again we enjoyed the show but noticed that it lacked a little bit of variety. We hope to see different types of acts during the next episodes and more talents. We cannot fault any of the judges’ decisions and feel that they are very true to the way they are carrying out their work. Well done Judges.

The Golden Buzzer Act, is well deserved too and we look forward to what Bettina will bring to the semi-finals. Just in case you missed it, let’s take a look at Bettina’s Golden Buzzer moment delivered by Judge Gordon Bonello. 

Malta's Got Talent S02 E02
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