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Monday Morning Brew – The Cost Of No Entertainment in Malta and Worldwide

Cost of entertainment in Malta

In our second Monday Morning Brew, we take a look at the real cost of entertainment. To be more precise, we are looking at the costs of having no entertainment in Malta or the world.

Imagine All The People

Imagine a world where there would be no form of entertainment. No arts, no music, no theatre, no cinema, no magic, no song, no dance, no television, no games shows and no radio. Nothing but pure reliance on waking up, going to do a job, eating and sleeping.  Fortunately we are nowhere near there and we guess we will never be. The world is reliant on the arts, on media and on entertainment to give us a break from the harsh reality we live in. In short, entertainment plays a vital role in everyone’s lives, whether people realise it or not. The cost of not having entertainment is much higher than the actual costs of engaging it.

Wine Entertainment Malta

The Closure Of Bars And Nightclubs

Let’s take for instance last week where we got to see the authorities closing down clubs and bars until December, across Malta and Gozo. This, as we all know, is being done due to the Corona Virus and they are measures that have to be taken to control the situation. However it is obvious that these measures will hit the entertainment industry hard. Many musicians, DJs and entertainers depend on performing in some venues that are temporarily shut down.  It is also costing the venues their past efforts, money and of course their intake during the coming weeks. On the other hand it is costing the authorities revenue in taxes. Then we have the receiver, who actually receives the entertainment. Luckily the receiver can go online and check out the latest music, games, film or whatever sort of entertainment they are into. But what if even that was not available?

What About Theatre?

Imagine no theatre. There will not be any acting jobs, there will not exist a platform for upcoming film stars. Many acting schools will close down and students will not have the opportunity to share a talent they may have within them. TV presenters would be terrible as most have a good background in acting before taking on presenting. In short the quality of life would be much lower and people will not be as happy as they are if entertainment is present.

Just looking at the money wheel, it is  obvious that this whole industry generates a great inflow of cash and other non financial benefits globally.

Cost of entertainment in Malta

Survival Mode

Luckily we are seeing performers doing their best to survive the situation they are in. Most are adopting themselves to fit in with the challenges. Like theatre, with many productions still going ahead with their performance despite the regulations that impede the number of attendees for each performance. Some entertainment in Malta is being shifted to online performances, as it is across the world. However, this does not offer the same experience as it does during a live event, with an audience present. Here in Malta, FestivalsMalta have included a drive in concert with a live band, “Park ‘NJoy”.  This concept appears to be going down well with people. Television is still producing their entertainment shows, with Covid-19 measures in place. In other words, the industry is doing its best to overcome the obstacles and continue providing that so much needed entertainment for people to unwind to when stress kicks in.

How Entertainment Can Affect Your Event or Venue

When a person or entity is looking for entertainment for their event or venue, the first thing that comes to mind is the cost that comes with it. Does that cost fit within the budget? Can that cost determine the quality or quantity of what the booker expects? If that cost seems reasonable for what the booker requires?

These are all good questions but other questions should be considered too. Questions such as, is it better to have high quality entertainment for shorter periods than lower quality for longer durations? What value will I be giving back to the guests at my event or patrons at my venue? Is what I am booking as proficient as I expect them to be?

Expectancy And Deliverance

When entertainment is booked, the booker gets nothing physically present that remains with the booker. What they do get however is an experience. Therefore the product a booker purchases is actually an intangible service. Being left with nothing but a memory, the experience is the memory that that entertainment can provide. The longer lasting the memory is, the more valuable that entertainment should cost.

Having no entertainment at special occasions, corporate events or venues such as hotels can cost as much as booking the most expensive entertainment. When the cost is the image or business revenue, one needs to find the best option they can afford. On the other hand, having too much low quality entertainment can be as much damaging. With no entertainment one risks having guests becoming bored. Being too quiet at a special occasion may not always be the way to celebrate. In venues such as a family hotel, guests may feel unexcited. In turn they may find no value in what the venue offers and may not return another time.

This is the real cost of having no entertainment. This is why people need to show apreatation to entertainment and entertainers. After all it’s part of the art and culture of each and every nation.

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