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Things To Do In Malta, Gozo and the Maltese Islands

Don’t step on the island wondering about things to do in Malta!

Prepare yourself for our lists of places to visit and things to do in Malta, Gozo and its islands.

Over time we will be publishing several lists that include places to go, things to see and things to do when in Malta.  We plan to keep adding to the lists, updating them to make them more informative.  Our selection will cover many of the best things to experience in Malta.  We separate each selection in categories that will be easy to follow.

We check out most places for a great service and experience however if you think something should be on this list then get in touch with us! If it meets our target we may consider including it. If you are an owner of an attraction or venue and think your business should hit this list, then contact us. We will come and check you out, if we have not already!

Here are some places to visit and things to do in Malta.

Cities and Town You Must Visit in Malta. 
Here is a list with cities and towns you should visit when in Malta. It is not a complete list but we will keep updating it with more places and things you can experience when in Malta.

Beaches to go and cool off in Malta.
If sunbathing or having a dip in crystal clear waters is your thing, then here is a list of the best beaches in Malta.

Museums you should visit when in Malta
Whether you are interested in art, maritime or simply interested in the history of Malta, then here are a few museums you could visit.

Attractions and other things to do in Malta
If you are looking for a good night out when in Malta, or simply looking for an activity that all you family can enjoy then this is the list for you.

Things to see and do in Villages in Malta.
There are several little villages around Malta, each worth a visit. Although Malta is small and villages are not very far from each other, each have their own distinctive identities. This makes Malta worth discovering to understand its tradition, identity and culture.