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Villages In Malta – What to visit and do.

Villages in Malta , let’s see what our selection of villages in Malta are worth visiting for.  If you are looking for Villages in Gozo, then follow the link at the end of the page.

Here we shall focus on the smaller towns and villages in Malta to discover things to see or do when visiting them, starting from South to North of Malta.  Surprisingly, many villages in Malta offer something very unique you will not find anywhere else in the world and worth a visit.

Visiting the villages in Malta and experiencing what they have to offer.


This is known as Malta’s fishing village. If visiting on Sunday morning, you will find a Sunday market with a range of items from T Shirts to Sunglasses and of course fish. There are restaurants spread across the sea front and these are open all day or the main parts of it for lunch and dinner. The main speciality of these restaurants is fish as one would think.


This is another small fishing village set in the south of Malta however very much different to Marsaxlokk. Zurrieq has a picturesque setting and it is there where you may visit and see the waters of the Blue Grotto. It is best to visit during the day as at night you will not be able to visit the grotto. Some restaurants remain open during the evening but it is best to ask before you go there.


Siggiewi, another quaint village in Malta, is not very far from Zurrieq. There are quite a few things that you may do. Again it is good to visit during the day should you wish to visit the Limestone Heritage or experience birds of prey at the Malta Falcon. Nearby there is also Malta’s national shooting range.


A few years ago, this village was one of those villages in Malta that tourists would not have been aware about. This changed due to a top tourist attraction setting itself there and placing this village on the tourist map. The village is called the Baker’s village because for many years until now the best bakeries in Malta are situated in Qormi. But we recommend you visit Qormi in the evening because it is then that you will find the top attraction there, The Chamber of Mysteries Dinner and Show.

Sliema – St Julian’s

For a nice stroll during the evening or for a great swim on a rocky beach during summer days, the Sliema – St Julian’s promenade offers it all. The promenade offers a long stretch of pedestrian pathway commencing from Ghar id Dud (cave of worms) and ending up near the Love Monument in St Julian’s. Along the stretch you will go through Ballutta bay, a pretty little place. You will not go hungry as along the stretch one will encounter, restaurants, food outlets and kiosks for the likes of any appetite. It is always a busy place every day during the summer months and particularly busy during weekends in winter time.


Here you will find the very famous Mosta Dome. This is a place very worth a visit and although a place of worship it also is a very impressive building. Recently the church has officially become a Basilica and for good reason. Mosta is best to visit during the day time.


Rabat is further up north from Mosta but not very far. Here you will be close to Mdina so it is good to visit Rabat when visiting Mdina. It is not a huge place but there are many points of interest, most notably the Roman Baths and the various Catacombs.


Mgarr is a quaint village further up north close to Gnejna Bay. It is popular due to the many restaurants serving authentic Maltese food, mainly rabbit. Because of this, it is best to visit during the evening.

St Paul’s Bay

St Paul’s Bay is quite a touristic place but quickly becoming urban with multi nationals residing there. As with all touristic places, one will find many things to do whilst in the area and many restaurants to enjoy a nice evening out.


Mellieha is far up north of Malta and is the village leading to the popular Mellieha Bay beach or in Maltese Ghadira. Again this is a very popular village with tourists and you will find several hotels however the village has managed to keep its traditional aspect throughout these years.

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