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Be seen by those in the industry and those seeking industry experts to provide them with the best entertainment in Malta and Gozo. Through our unique streams, your advert will be displayed to thousands of people, both locally and abroad. Our Website attracts thousands of people both locally and abroad.

These visitors range from locals of different ages, ex-pats,  and tourists in search of exciting things to do in Malta. Website hits coming from abroad are mostly from people planning a trip to the Maltese Islands.  What is sure is that every visitor is seeking inspiration through something exciting, entertaining, and/or historically cultural that Malta and Gozo have to offer.

Competitive and Attractive Deals

We offer several opportunities at competitive rates along with attractive deals you will benefit from.

Various Ways To Catch Attention

Entertainment Directory Listing – Applications Now Open

Annual subscription to our Entertainment Directory.
Each listing is searchable with a description and link to your website or social media page.
Include up to 5 photos in your listing.
Easily searchable in our entertainment directory for people to find.
Listings are SEO-friendly and individually submitted to search engines.
No Google Ads on listings.
Every new listing is shared on our Social Media Networks on time for FREE.

Banner Ads

Choose between 3-month, half-year or full-year.
Banner Ads are clickable leading visitors to your website or social media site.

Main Page 600px x 100px Banner Ad. 

We have 1 x Banner Ad placement available on the main page.

A highly visibile attention grabbing exclusive placement.

Posts 600px x 100px Banner Ad. 

Banner Ad placements are available on selected posts either Middle or Bottom positions.
These will be randomly placed on 3 x posts/articles or non-featured articles.

Sponsored Articles. 

From time to time we also write up articles about places where we could include related services and/or venues.
There will be possibilities of adding a photo and a link to your website or social media page.
We also share all articles on our Social Media Networks giving you even more exposure.

Promotional Lifetime Features. 

Be exclusively featured on .
Our writers will visit you and write up an exclusive article featuring you or your venue or entertainment-based service.
We will also capture unique photos to enhance your words with the best shots of you or your venue.
The Feature will be placed in our Features section and will be the first Feature for at least 1 week.
No Google Ads, or Banner Ads or any other type of Ad except your own.
All Features remain accessible on the website for life.
Features are frequently shared across all our Social Media networks for additional exposure.

Weekly Newsletter Sponsorship.

3 x Sponsorship spots available on our Weekly Newsletter.
Placements are the top (text) , middle (banner) and bottom (banner) of the Newsletter.
Text and Photos are clickable leading visitors to your website or the social network of your choice.

To advertise with us, fill in the form below and we will be in touch to discuss further.