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Places You Must Visit In Malta and Gozo

Interesting places to visit in Malta

The islands of Malta and Gozo have a rich history going back thousands of years.  From Neolitic temples, fortresses built by the Knights to Malta’s LED lit entertainment hub, you are sure to enrich and entertain yourself on these islands. Here is our short list of interesting and unique places to visit in Malta for tourists visiting the island and local residents alike.

  1. Valletta.

    Valletta is Malta’s capital city previously being the European Capital of Culture 2018. Palaces and Baroque buildings populate this Medieval city and one requires more than a day to discover all of Valletta’s hidden secrets and treasures. The museums, palaces, homes, bars and restaurants in this city mask more than the eyes can see. Real treasures surround the city in form of architecture and other hidden gems.  The recent restoration of the main entrance to Valletta is a design by famous architect Renzo Piano.  As you walk in across the new bridge, past the gates, the first thing you will see is the new Parliament building.  Side by side to the parliament, one can see the ruins of the Malta Royal Opera House. The Malta Royal Opera house still creates a stir as many believe it needs to be restored to as it stood before being bombed down during WWII. It now houses an open air theatre where summer time productions take place. The most recent of refurbishments is the famous Tritons’ Fountain back to it’s original beauty. It’s surrounding area is  transformed into an open space for people to enjoy.

  2. Mdina.

    The Medieval City of Mdina is known as the Noble City. Once the capital of Malta, Mdina plays a very important role to the island. Nobody should visit Malta without visiting Mdina as this is the source of history that makes Malta what it is. You do need half a day to visit the place in order to just about scratch the surface. You will need more time to really discover the hidden gems this place offers as well as its secrets.

  3. Cittadella.

    Like Mdina and Valletta, Cittadella is another fortress built by the Knights of St John. However this fortress is not in Malta but on its sister island, Gozo. The fortress is undergoing intensive restoration, much of which is under completion and contains various restaurants and shops. These shops mainly specialise in traditional Gozitan products such local produce. Its Medival Prison is now the building that houses theLaw Courts of Gozo, and sits opposite the Catherdrial as you enter the gates of the city. You may take a walk along its stretch of walls, with spectacular views of most of Gozo and its coastline along the way. If in Gozo do not miss taking a short visit to this place and embrace the fantastic views that this place offers.

  4. Ġgantija

    The Ġgantija temples are situate in Xagħra Gozo.  They were erected during the Neolithic circa 3600–2500 BC, making them the world’s second oldest existing manmade religious structures, older than the pyramids of Egypt. This megalithic monument includes three temples,  one of which is incomplete with only the facade partially built before being abandoned. They are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  5. Ħaġar Qim

    Ħaġar Qim is another UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the south of Malta. Built mostly out of limestone the temple’s façade is characterised by a trilithon entrance. Features of the temple reveal associations with probable fertility rituals. There is also evidence of animal sacrifices with the presence of a concave top altar. Bones of numerous sacrificial animals have been found around the temple.

  6. Tarxien Temples

    You can find these Temples in the town of Tarxien, which is close by to Paola. The Tarxien Temples are part of an archaeological complex and date to approximately 3150 BC.  Again they are a UNESCO World Heritage Site consisting of three temple structures. The main entrance is a reconstruction and restoration project dating from 1956. The temples’ rich stonework include images of screens with symbols or decorations of spiral designs and other symbolic patterns.

  7. Blue Grotto

    The Blue Grotto, a number of sea caverns located in Wied iż-Żurrieq Malta, is a popular destination for tourists in Malta. They can be reached by boat, with several boat trips visiting the caves throughout the year, weather permitting. The caves location lead to sea watering mirroring from the sun rays, revealing numerous shades of blue on the cave’s walls and ceilings. Other caverns also mirror brilliant phosphorescent colours, reflections of the underwater flora and fauna. Other popular activates here include Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and Rock Climbing on the coastline walls.

  8. Marsaxlokk

    Marsaxlokk is a small Maltese Traditional fishing village in the South East of Malta. Because it keeps its traditional values, it is a popular tourist destination and tourist attraction. Apart from offering magnificent views it populates a harbour filled with Maltese traditional fishing boats, the Luzzu, and other vessels. Tourists and locals visit Marsaxlokk due to its popular Sunday Market. This is partly a large fresh fish market and partly a general flee market offering all sorts of local and international goods. Apart from the Sunday Market, visitors can find a smaller and more traditional market during the other days of the week. The coastline surrounding Marsaxlokk, offers a nice long seafront walk. There are a few cafeterias and many restaurants along the main front of the village. These mainly specialise on traditionally cooked fresh fish dishes.

  9. The Three Cities

    The Three Cities, are located in the south of Malta and include the three fortified cities of Birgu, Senglea and Cospicua. Birgu, the oldest of the three has been standing prior to the Middle Ages. The Knights of the Order of Saint John founded the other two cities, Senglea and Cospicua in the 16th and 17th centuries. The Three Cities are encapsulated by the Cottonera Lines and enclosed along with several other fortifications.

  10. Paceville

    Seen as a party destination in Europe, Paceville is Malta’s main nightlife entertainment hub and a popular place for locals and tourists alike. It is populated with pubs, clubs of all sorts, bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Apart from that, you also find a shopping center, a casino, cinemas and other entertainment venues mainly target a younger audience. Set in a district of its own, Paceville is situated in St Julian’s area.