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Entertainment Malta’s Latest Featured Articles
SiGMA 2021

SiGMA 2021 The Week After | Monday Morning Brew

SiGMA is the highly attended conference, that attracts thousands of attendees who are in the iGamilg and Crypto industry.

Cinemas Now Showing in Malta and Gozo

Cinemas Now Showing In Malta and Gozo

Cinemas are no longer traditionally as we know them, but have evolved to cater to a varied audience and their needs. We are taking a closer look at these Cinemas In Malta. 

MiGEA Malta iGaming Excellence Awards

After Fridays – Entertaining The Industry of Gaming in Malta

The gaming industry in Malta, has grown to become one of the leading industries on the island. 

Entertainment Malta Monday Morning Brew

Monday Morning Brew – A hard life for a show in Malta

In this week's Monday Morning Brew we talk about what it takes producers to put on a long standing show in Malta and Gozo.

Frank O'Neil Entertainment Malta

Celebrity Wednesdays – Frank O’Neil Art, Music and Entertainment

Entertainment Malta talks to Frank O'Neil - The veteran Maltese artist, musician, drama teacher and children's entertainer with over 40 years of experience.

Cost of entertainment in Malta

Monday Morning Brew – The Cost Of No Entertainment in Malta and Worldwide

In our second Monday Morning Brew, we take a look at the real cost of entertainment. To be more precise, we are looking at the costs of having no entertainment!

Halloween Special Entertainment Malta

After Fridays – Halloween Special

Halloween - How did this strange celebration come about? How do people in Malta celebrate Halloween?

Entertainment Malta Monday Morning Brew

Entertainment Malta’s Monday Morning Brew – Teatru Manoel

One can never beat the feel of a live performance in a theatre. The ambient, the emotions, and the audience reactions are what make a true artist bring the place alive.