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Beaches In Malta

The Best Beaches in Malta – Our Pick

Have a look at the selection of sandy beaches in Malta.  Some may offer some rocky or cemented parts should one prefer to enjoy the waters without staying on the sandy parts.

1.Gnejna Bay

Gnejna Bay is located to the Northwest side of the island close to the farmer’s village Mgarr.  A relatively quiet sandy beach surrounded by stunning natural landscape formed by clay slopes and limestone cliffs. Because it is surrounded by the cliffs, the waters are quite mild during any season. 

2.Ghajn Tuffieha Bay

Also known as Riviera, is one of Malta’s blue flag beaches. Located in the Northwest, close to the popular Golden Bay but in more of a secluded rural setting. It too offers some rocky areas for bathers who prefer to stay off the sand. It is accessible by a good number of steps, a steep climb back up but totally worth it!

3.Golden Bay

The golden sands and initially shallow water makes this one of the most popular beaches for tourists visiting the island. As the name suggests, it is a sandy beach portraying shades of a golden tone.  The stunning landscape beneath the 17th century watchtower also served as a filming location for the Hollywood blockbuster – Troy starring Brad Pitt. Golden Sands is in the limits of Mellieha and easily accessible by all.

4. Anchor Bay

A secluded bay forming part of Popeye’s Village, the 1980’s film starring Robin Williams. This location is excellent for diving and only recommended for strong swimmers. Families can also visit the film set used for the film as it still stands today.

5.Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay - beaches in Malta

The name says it all! This picturesque bay is located furthermost point north of the island and offers beautiful views of the sister island Gozo and Comino. A small sandy beach with crystal clear waters.The area is surrounded by caves making it ideal for a spot snorkeling.

6.Mellieha Bay

Mellieha Bay also known as Ghadira Bay is the largest sandy beach on the island. This popular beach is located in the north of Malta close to the Red Tower. It is also the most visited beach in Malta although not as crowded as Golden Sands. Shallow waters make this a safe place for families. The ideal location to spend a day at the beach. You can enjoy any type of water sports here making it one of the most popular beaches in Malta. 

7.St George’s Bay

Set in the entertainment district known as Paceville, this pretty beach is mainly popular amongst tourists and foreign students. Therefore one expects to find a younger crowd enyoing the waters of this beach. Originally a small rocky inlet sand was placed to create an area for bathers to enjoy. This beach is easily accessible and offers most facilities such as water sports.

8.St.Thomas Bay

Located in the south of Malta in Marsaskala, close to the famous Peter’s Pool. This beach is popular amongst locals and few tourists staying close by. It is great for swimmers who prefer shallow waters. One can also enjoy sunbathing on the rocky flats or sand.  Due to it being a natural inlet, the bay is also great for snorkeling.

9.Pretty Bay

This stretch of palm tree lined beach is located in the seaside town of Birzebbugia, close to the popular fishing village Marsaxlokk. The shallow water and soft white sand make it an ideal spot for bathing and enjoying a day by the sea. Because of this, it is an ideal spot for families with younger children to enjoy. This area is also good for windsurfing.

10. Armier & Little Armier

Armier Beach - beaches in Malta
Armier Bay
Little Armier

These are two quaint sandy beaches close to each other located on the limits of Mellieha, past Ramla Bay Hotel. Swimmers can enjoy the background views of Comino and Gozo whilst relaxing on the beach or taking a dip in the fresh northern waters of the island. Both beaches are a popular destination with families wishing to spend a day at the beach or staying in campers and their boathouses in the surrounding perimeters.