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Brian Role` Receives International Award from the International Assembly of the S.A.M.

Maltese Magician Brian Role` and Lola Lola Palmer

On the 11th of December, popular Maltese magician Brian Role` received an international award from the International Assembly of the Society of American Magicians. Before the award ceremony, Brian Role` and Lola Palmer performed for an online audience during the International Assembly’s Gala Show on the same eve. This is the second time that Brian has performed during the end of the year main Gala Show of the same society. The audience consisted of people from all over the globe, who got together to watch the online magic spectacular.

This year, Brian and Lola joined a stellar cast of well known international magicians, including Jay Scott Berry (Oceana), Rod Chow (Canada), Dr. Micahel Likely (Canada), Mind Weak (USA), Kevin Peel (England), John O’Roirdan (Eire), Meadow Perry (USA), Sylvia Spectre (England) and Dr. Joel Zaritsky (USA). The host was no other than the President of the International Assembly of the S.A.M., Anthony Darkstone.

During the show, Brian and Lola performed their versions of two classics of magic including a famous illusion once performed by the legendary Houdini. Their act was well received by the audience present offering the right balance to the rest of the show.

After the show, an award ceremony took place conducted by Alan Fisher the assembly’s PR. During the ceremony, the Dean of the International Assembly Dr. Joel Zaitsky presented a number of internationally acclaimed awards. The awards were given to various members for their contributions, excellence, and dedication to the art of magic. Brian Role` was honored with the ‘Darkstone Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Art of Magic’. He is now amongst the first people in the world to receive such an award.

Award Winning Magician in Malta

Brian Role` is also the official Assembly Envoy representing Malta for the International Assembly of the Society of American Magicians. He is also a member of  The Magic Circle, The International Brotherhood of Magicians, the International Magicians Society, and I.B.M. Ring 202 Malta. Brian has earned himself other international awards during his magical career including the most prestigious award in magic, the I.M.S. Merlin Award.

To hire Brian to perform for your live or online event please contact him here.