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Police Object to MEIA’s Public Demonstration


MEIA said that Police will not allow them to go ahead with their protest against Covid-19 restrictions imposed on the arts and entertainment sector, which MEIA says are discriminatory.

In a formal letter to MEIA, and posted on MEIA’s FB page, Assistant Police Commissioner Kenneth Haber objected to the demonstration.

The protest was meant to be held last week, but postponed since negotiations between MEIA and the Authorities were pending. However, following a non-agreement MEIA planned to go ahead with the Demonstration ‘Daqshekk Siekta’, this week.

The demonstration was meant to be peaceful, seated with social distant measures in mind, and to take place at St George’s Square in Valletta. Attendees were also asked to register with MEIA for contact tracing purposes. However, police cited Legal Notice 78 of 2021, which was amended by Legal Notice 224 of 2021, which bans all “organised mass events” except religious events and weddings.

MEIA is left to have to cancel the protest since attendees will be subject to fines should any protest go forth. A press conference, which will be live-streamed, will be held today. All those interested are urged to follow. More details on MEIA’s FB page.

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